What Does a Property Solicitor Do and Do You Need One?

If you are thinking about buying a property for the first time, then You will no doubt be surprised the amount of organization involved. If you have already purchased a property in the past and things went smoothly you might be asking yourself the question, “do I need a solicitor”? in the hope of saving some money, it’s actually a good question to be asking, but there are some very good reasons why hiring a property solicitor is a wise idea;

Can you buy a property without a solicitor?

In short, yes you can but, even if you are a seasoned pro, when you consider the pitfalls versus the benefits it makes absolutely no sense to go it alone. If nothing else you will want to hire property solicitors in Parramatta as a form of protecting yourself against any unknown issues with the property or the purchase.

When you buy a property, you will sign an agreement, also known as a, ‘purchase agreement’ the contract will likely have been put together buy a solicitor hired by the seller so, unless you have the same knowledge and experience as that of a professional solicitor, such as knowing the ins and outs of the property laws and stipulations within the contract and, how they might affect you moving forward then you will want to hire your very own solicitor.

What does a property solicitor do?

Your solicitor will work on your behalf and raise questions with the seller’s legal representation throughout the time between the offer being filed and the contracts being finalised. They may also help you negotiate contractual conditions, such as if the home’s survey discovers any structural concerns and you want the price reduced or the repairs performed before the transaction closes.

Your solicitor will also perform certain legal duties on your behalf which will save you time, money and a heavy-handed headache. Typical services provided are;

  • Land Registry searches
  • Environmental search
  • Chancel repair search
  • Water authority searches
  • Location specific searches
  • Local authority searches

Making sure you are protected and that things go smoothly

The list of searches that the solicitor will perform on your behalf, are just the start of what is yet to come, you have to consider things like the contract and your mortgage and what happens between the day you agree terms, to the day that you move in, do you just sit there and hope for the best? Somebody needs to be in contact with the seller and their solicitor to make sure completion day comes as soon as possible.

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