Top Golf Cities in The USA that Are Inviting Americans This Winter

As the pandemic continues, many Americans fled from high-cost or high-tax places in search of cheaper homes and a slower pace of life. While the pandemic has caused some Americans to flee to landscapes and mountains, the importance of big cities remains there, thanks to culture, hospitals, airports, and job prospects. Throughout the lengthy pandemic, golf has been one of the most efficient ways for city residents to seek out the green area. The rise of remote work is freeing up time for golfers to squeeze in a few extra rounds during the week and choose a home with less commute.

If you are one of the Americans who is looking to relocate to a remote area where golfing is also possible, you would surely need to ship a golf cart unless you’re planning to buy a new one. Whatever the reason may be, Ship a Car, Inc. Golf Cart Shipping Specialist will walk you through the entire process. SAC understands that, even though golf carts aren’t as large as a car, but they have unique handling and transportation requirements that must be followed for the golf cart to arrive at its destination safely.

When it comes to golf accessibility, not all cities are made equal.

Therefore, we have arranged a list of golf cities in the USA that may be of any interest to you

  • Dallas, Texas has more than 50 private and public golf courses. The Crowne Plaza Invitational is held at Colonial Lodge every year.
  • Portland, Oregon does not have ideal weather, but it is a great site to play golf. The unfamiliar and lush scenery and the extremely harsh weather make it the best place to experience Scottish golf without actually visiting the British Isles.
  • Pinehurst, North Carolina is a town in the north geographical area that blends the lush beauty of Beaver State with the pleasant and comfortable weather of the United States to provide the ideal playing environment.
  • Orlando, Florida has been the top choice for family vacations, but as children are excited to see Paddy and Minnie, fathers are equally excited with the thought of spending time on the golf course. If you don’t want to play, come in March and see the Arnold Palmer Invitational.
  • Maui, Hawaii features two beautiful 54-hole golf courses, Wailea and Kapalua that host the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in January. Take a quick trip to Oahu including the Koolau Golf Club and Turtle Bay on the magnificent North Shore.
  • Williamsburg, Virginia is the best place to go if you want a little history mixed in with your golf. The town offers a wide range of beautiful dishes.
  • Phoenix, Arizona has more golf courses than you can count, all nestled in the magnificent Sonoran Desert, including the home of the Waste Management Phoenix Open.
  • Pebble Beach, California has hosted the US Open 6 times until 2019. The Pebble Beach golf course is the most well known, but Spanish Bay and Glass Hill also have great courses.

If you are planning this winter to enjoy some golf, do remember to carry tools, gloves, and make your way to your destination.

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