Three Ways your Company Might be Wasting on Packaging

For any product company, packaging is one of the biggest expenses. Every company is looking to control the cost while still getting the quality, service, and product warranties. Unfortunately, packaging waste hurts your bottom line in many ways. And this waste can also hurt the environment. Knowing how you might be wasting your packaging solutions can help you do something to improve your approaches.

Here’s how your company might be wasting on packaging:

Using Ineffective Packaging Products

In terms of the outer packaging, waste usually comes into play when damage takes place. Damaged packaging cannot provide its content the protection it needs. Thus, this can result in damaged products. And the cost of transporting the goods back to the distribution center and facilitating the return process creates even more waste in both time and customer service resources.

To make sure your packaging will not get damaged during shipping, invest in quality packaging solutions such as corrugated boxes. Also, choose the right kind of void fills. Visit to contact a reliable corrugated box manufacturer.

Packaging Equipment Failures

Every distribution center must use efficient packaging equipment. This equipment helps the facility keep output high and run at optimal speeds. However, if not properly maintained, this equipment can fail and create waste. It is important to have regular maintenance on all equipment to ensure things run properly at all times. Your machinery might need service or replacement if you notice signs such as increased downtime, speed reduction, aging equipment, and production changes. And because manual processes can also waste time, you want to transition to semi-automated processes such as labeling, tape dispensing, palletizing, case sealing, and more.

Supply Chain Inefficiencies

These inefficiencies cause time delays or unnecessary complications that can create waste in time and materials. You want to ensure your distribution center’s layout is designed for efficiency for workers. An efficient warehouse will minimize labor costs by reducing unnecessary movement and speeding up the packaging process.

Moreover, your business can also have wasted time through stock replenishment deficiencies. Purchasing divisions usually waste time guessing what packaging products to order or wait for products to be out of stock before they place an order. You can solve this problem by either investing in up-to-date systems for tracking stock levels or working with a packaging provider to handle your packaging inventory. The latter option eliminates your worry about packaging materials going of stock as they track your inventory and fill it on time.

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