Things That You Should Know About Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are nowadays being used in almost every kind of business as a packaging solution for regular shipping purpose. Any conventional cardboard box will have 3 layers while wavy layers are sandwiched between two outer layers.

There are plenty of corrugated box manufacturing companies available who can supply you corrugated box as per your customized requirements. In this write up, we shall briefly touch upon most of the things about corrugated boxes.

Types of paper used

Corrugated boxes use kraft paper out of which 70 to 80 per cents are virgin chemical pulp and rest may be recycled papers. Kraft papers are considered to be a costlier option for making these corrugated boxes.

Test paper liners are also another option which is a bit less costly because here the percentage of recycled fiber contents is more. Printing on such boxes may be little challenging.

Few boxes also use flute papers which is combination of virgin fibers and waste-based fluting which can be 100% recycled fiber.

Single wall

Corrugated box of single wall may have varying material strength or their durability. This type of corrugated box may also have capacity to carry minimum weight of twenty pounds. It has the following 5 flutes.

  • A flute – ¼”

It has highest amount of protection as well as cushion quality and mostly used for fragile items.

  • B flute – 1/8”

Though looks thinner but quite strong and are meant for canned food products.

  • C flute – 3/16”

It is quite flexible and also very versatile flute grade.

  • E flute – 1/16”

Typically, not used for shipping because of thinner grade but used as alternate to paperboard folding cartons.

  • F Flute – 1/32”

It has protective qualities like E-Flute, and even smoother surface meant for high-quality printing.

Double and triple wall

Here there are minimum 2 corrugated sheet walls in corrugated box style, these corrugated boxes of double and triple wall boxes are more durable. However, their downside is that they are less flexible.

In few cases, this kind of trait will be needed for certain products. Such type of corrugated box is quite ideal for storage and also shipping, as they can be durable and are able to withstand regular type of wear and tear.

All triple-wall boxes will have 3 stacked corrugated sheets with 4 liner board facings. Such triple-wall corrugated boxes can be extremely durable and will typically withstand maximum load of 300 lbs.

Material strength tests

For shipping/mailing purposes corrugated boxes are commonly used. They are subjected to many different kinds of impact and stress during packing, shipping or storage process.

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