Some Popular Bespoke Cake Designs You Can Choose For Your Childs Birthday

The standard of cake designs today has gone through the roof, and some excellent cake designers can make ultra-realistic looking cakes. When your child has a birthday fast approaching, you may want to consider ordering a custom-made cake to celebrate the occasion. There are lots of different cake designs from which you can choose, and you can have one made into their favourite animal, cartoon character, superhero, or vehicle. Below are some of the most popular cake designs you can consider for your child’s birthday and ensure it is a special celebration with a fantastic looking cake.

A Dinosaur Theme Cake

If you have a dinosaur loving child, you can get them a custom cake in the shape of their favourite dinosaur. Some cake designers make a fantastic looking dinosaur head cake in 3D that looks scarily realistic and tastes fantastic. There are many types of dinosaurs you can opt for, including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, and Velociraptor, to name but a few. You may want to ensure you book early, as the best cake designers are often very busy, and you will want to avoid disappointment.

An Animal Cake

You may have a child who loves animals, and many cake designers offering custom-made cakes can create a fantastic looking animal cake for their birthday. You can have a cake made in the style of almost any animal you wish, but some of the most popular designs are as follows:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Hamsters
  • Horses
  • Birds
  • Dolphins

If your child has a pet, you can also provide pictures of it to the cake designer and have them make a bespoke cake that looks like your pet dog or cat or whatever pet you have. Make sure you have a camera ready when you present the cake to them so you can capture the look of astonishment on their face when they see their birthday cake for the first time.

A Cake Of Their Favourite TV Show

You can also consider having a cake made on the theme of their favourite cartoon or TV show, and there are plenty of options available. You can choose to have the cake made in the design of their favourite character, or you can create a scene from the TV show that will look fantastic. There are many options when it comes to selecting TV shows or movies that your child likes, including:

  • Sponge Bob
  • Peppa Pig
  • Star Wars
  • Pokemon
  • Paw Patrol
  • Mickey Mouse

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a custom-made cake in the design of your child’s favourite TV show or movie, and it will be something they love.

A Vehicle Style Cake

You can also choose to have a cake made in the style of your child’s favourite vehicle, and there are many options available. You can choose their favourite sports car, a car from their favourite TV or movie character such as Batman, or something like a tractor. You can have a cake made that looks like a Ferrari sports car that will delight your child and ensure they have a wonderful birthday celebration, with lots of fantastic memories.

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