Reply’s Email Finder Tool – Ensures the Success of Your Sales Outreach Campaign

Statistically, it takes an experienced user only about 10 minutes to discover nearly anyone’s contact information on LinkedIn, including their valid email address. What’s more, it does not really matter whether it is just one person or a hundred. The trick is to know the right working procedures and to be equipped with the right tools to take on such a task. Using the appropriate instruments and techniques, you will be able to obtain the information you need within minutes and spend more time developing your own business and promoting your campaigns.

Here are the three best methods to try when looking to find someone’s email on LinkedIn:

  1. Use Their LinkedIn Profile – The Simplest Method

The easiest way to get any LinkedIn user’s email address is to make them your first-degree acquaintance. The email will likely be in the Contact Info section of the user’s LinkedIn profile, but if it is not, it might also be worth checking other places like the profile bio or the banner image.

  1. Send Them A Private Message on LinkedIn – The Most Personalized Method

Another way to gain the contact information of a person you are interested in is to send them a private LinkedIn message and request it directly. The two important conditions to be met for this method to work are making sure that your profile page is presented nicely and writing a clear and engaging introductory message.

  1. Use An Email Extractor – The Most Effective Method for Exporting Emails in Bulk

If you don’t need one but one hundred email addresses of LinkedIn users for your lead gen campaigns, the above recommendations will not be of much help to you as they are incredibly time-consuming and imply the prospect’s willingness to cooperate. A better and more effective way would be to install a specialized Chrome extension. With an advanced and handy email finder tool such as Reply, you can find and add contacts in bulk, verify those with a single click, and move them easily to your CRM or other sales stack software for future use in your cold email outreach campaigns.

Of all the above, using a dedicated Chrome extension like Reply LinkedIn Email Finder and Outreach extension seems most optimal for quickly getting contact details in bulk. This tool will not only make it easy to get your hands on prospects’ email addresses but will also automate the whole thing, freeing up valuable time for some personal selling.

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