Duplex Steel pipe material

Duplex Steel Pipe material is mainly steel with chromium and molybdenum. It also has the addition of nickel, nitrogen, tungsten and other elements depending on the grade and type. Duplex steel has bot austenitic and ferrite steel material structures in the metallurgic components. This allows for the incorporation of best properties from both austenitic and ferritic steel types. Duplex steel materials contain very high chromium content up to 22%. This provides the material with a very high anticorrosive property mainly against chloride ion rich environments. Therefore the duplex steel pipe is used in applications like the marine and sea water applications extensively. The anticorrosive property also brings duplex steel to food processing plants, chemical plants and storage containers as well. These are one of the strongest materials used.

So they are used in transportation industry for paneling the floors and frames. Trains, busses, tramps and others use duplex steel for structural needs as well. Duplex steel has very low wear and tear. The material also has high temperature and pressure resistance. These properties make them be used in aerospace industries where the temperatures fluctuate rapidly and the pressures are very high. Different grades of the material have different mechanical properties. The Duplex Seamless Pipe applications therefore mandate specific grades. Sometimes, the grades could be used interchangeably when the application requirements permit. The most used material of the duplex grades is the standard type such as the 2205. The Duplex 2205 Pipe prices are lower compared to other grades due to the high availability in the market.

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