Different Ceiling Tile Options You Can Choose For Your Office Space

When you are designing the layout of your new office space, and your attention turns to the ceiling, various options may suit your budget and taste. The different materials you can use have varying properties and the best choice for your office depends on how you need your ceiling to perform. You must research the properties of the different options to find something suitable for your office design and ensure you make the correct choice. Below are some options that may be perfect for your new office space and help you create the ideal working environment for your business.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

When you have a busy office environment that can also get noisy, various types of ceiling tiles can help you control noise levels in your office. When looking at options such as Armstrong ceiling tiles from, you have sound absorbing and sound insulation tiles, and you must choose the best choice for your office space needs. Sound-absorbing ceiling tiles will help reduce the overall noise level in a room with a suspended ceiling and tiles absorbing many sounds. However, sound insulation ceiling tiles will help insulate other rooms from the sound generated, benefiting people in different spaces.

Fire-Rated Ceiling Tiles

Another option you can have in your office that you must use in specific areas is fire-rated ceiling tiles. Corridors and fire escape routes must have these types of ceiling tiles, which can help slow the spread of a fire should one break out. You can get ceiling tiles fire-rated for 30 and 60 minutes and more, and they can help ensure everyone can safely get out of the building in the event of a fire. There are various options available when looking for fire-rated ceiling tiles, and they are available in multiple styles and designs that could be perfect for your office space.

Humidity Resistant Ceiling Tiles

There are also ceiling tiles you can get that are resistant to humidity that, although may not be suitable for a standard office, they have many other applications. These ceiling tiles are perfect for environments with high humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms, locker rooms, swimming pools, gyms, and hospitals. The tiles can help prevent mould and mildew from forming in warm and moist conditions, and they are simple to clean when needed. When you have a space that has a high level of humidity, ensure you use humidity-resistant ceiling tiles in the area.

Light Reflective Ceiling Tiles

When your office space is dark, and you want to maximise the light in the area, then you can consider using light-reflective ceiling tiles. These ceiling tiles will help reflect light down into the office and ensure it is as bright as possible, making it a comfortable working environment for your employees. They are available in an assortment of styles and designs, so you should find something suitable for your office design. They can help turn dark and gloomy offices into bright and cheerful places and help increase your workers’ productivity and comfort levels.

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