Crossdraw Holster – The Correct Way To Use It

Cross draw holstering is a conventional and known technique. It actually means that you take your dominant hand across your body towards the non-dominant side to reach for your firearm. To use this technique you would need a good crossdraw holster.

It is an old technique and is rumoured to not be the favourite one by a few, but still, many people cannot think of any other way than the cross draw technique to use their guns. It requires a bit of practice but once you get used to it. It is pretty easy and you won’t be comfortable with any other technique.

Generally, the crossdraw holster is made out of leather. It is long-lasting and sturdy. The leather also gives it a smooth and neat style. The grip of the handgun faces upward whereas the muzzle points downwards which is more or less the same for any holster.

How the cross-draw technique came into use.

The cross-draw technique was initially used by the cavalrymen. They had their guns attached to their waistbands on their right side. This was done so that they could draw the gun with their dominant hand which was in most cases the right hand.

 And if anyone was left-handed the system would be reversed. So this technique came into use to favor the dominant hand and it lasted for many decades.

A technique that is used throughout decades –

Though this technique first started in the army, still it was a popular one and was later used by many. It was popular among cowboys too. The soldiers during the Great War used this technique as well. This was clearly the standardized method till then.

The military techniques were considered the best ones during those times. And since the military used this technique, it was copied by the civilians neatly. So even nowadays, when this technique is not used that much in the military, civilians use it with extreme ease.

Sabers were the only choice the military had to carry their handguns which were not that convenient. The introduction of a crossdraw holster solved many problems and became the perfect option for carrying a gun with ease.

The crossdraw holster is perfect for concealment. You can hide your firearm under your coat or move it a little bit towards your back, making it very hard to see. Normally this technique is used for self-defense or used by uniformed officers. So concealment is a very important factor that needs to be taken care of.

 Hence, if you are acquainted with this technique then getting a good crossdraw holster is of extreme importance. A good quality holster ensures that the gun is positioned correctly and you get to draw it with the least effort. The safety measures are also very crucial that is taken care of by a crossdraw holster.

Furthermore, to get the best experience out of a crossdraw holster, it is always a good idea to take the measurement of your gun and everything correctly before buying the product.



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