Creating A New Office Design To Benefit Your Business

Hopefully, you’re moving to a new office building as your business is expanding; if that’s the case, then this is a crucial next step in developing your company. Your upcoming move must succeed and enable your business to grow and expand. By following the correct design process and partnering with an established interior installation specialist, you can create a modern, light and airy, aesthetically pleasing office space that allows your staff to function effectively and the business to thrive.


Starting The Process

The initial steps in any important process are critical; forming a wish list of needs and establishing the goals for the project are ideal building blocks. You could then follow these next steps –

  • Form an internal design team or assign a project manager who will know your goals and key drivers and assign them to assess your company’s needs when moving to the new premises.
  • Set the budget for the project so that the design does not exceed the amount you want to spend, making sure your team is fully aware.
  • Start Your building search for appropriate premises that may work for your expanding company.


Finding Your Installation Specialist

Choosing the office fit-out partner you will work with is an important step in the process; take some time to research the available options thoroughly; you could start with an internet search, type in ‘office fit out in Cheltenham’ or something similar. Look at their websites and investigate what products and design processes they offer, make some notes, and instruct your project manager to start contacting possible companies that might fit the bill. Having made your decision and chosen your installation specialist, the project should then proceed through these parts of the process –

  • Design development – your project manager will work with your fit-out partner and use computer-aided design programmes to plan your new office.
  • Your design team will move through evolving designs until all your goals are fulfilled.
  • Approval – the final design and programme for its installation come to you for a final sign off.


Installed Your Dream Office

Turning an empty shell into a workspace where your staff is inspired, creative and healthy is the end game of your planned move. Room construction, partition systems, lighting and furniture all need to be installed before you can move in. Minimise the disruption to the rest of the process by following these steps –

  • Leading into the build, the parts of the process are confirmed, set dates for moving, and brief your staff so that they are informed about what is happening.
  • The build and installation take place by your project partner, don’t be afraid to visit the site and assess if you are happy with how the installation is progressing.
  • Prepare everyone for the move; plenty of briefings ensure everyone knows what is happening.
  • The big move takes place; with your planning, this should go smoothly, but always prepare for some small hitches.
  • Having moved into the new building, you might find you have several minor issues – look to tackle these problems positively.
  • Dilapidations – commercial contracts demand you leave your old building in a certain condition, making sure this final step occurs.

I hope with this information, you can take some of the stress out of this critical progression of your growing business; by creating your new office environment, you will have a superb asset to show off to your impressed clients and prospective new customers.

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